What is TestnReview.in?

TestnReview is platform for aspiring, established Bloggers and Influencer’s. Through TestnReview members can submit their views / post / comments for products and services and earn points.

What Product and Service I can Review?

Member can review about product and service they have consumed or can share their views and comments on existing reviews.

Why should I join TestnReview?

Apart from earning points and redeeming its against cash back or amazon vouchers . You can also promote your identity as bloggers. We run various ad campaign on google re-target marketing and Instagram promotion ad. You can be featured on these ads or can be featured on our landing page.

What are these points and How I can earn them?

Points are scores which member can earn by performing various activities on website. These activities mainly includes posting reviews, comments, reading reviews, daily login. For complete score please visit points tab

What I can get against redemption of Points?

Points conversion is 1 point = INR 0.25. Points can only redeem once its reaches threshold of 2000 points. These points can be redeem against Paytm Cash Balance/ Amazon Gift Card or other products which we list on time to time basis

Does these points have deadline to redeem?

No, there is no end date of points redemption.

How I can redeem my points?

You can redeem your points by dropping email to [email protected] with number of points you want to redeem

How many days it takes to redeem the points?

Points redemption usually take 24-48 hours. You will receive Paytm Cash & E-Voucher for Amazon in 48 hours. Any Product redemption usual takes 7 – 10 working days for shipping

Why I should update my Profile Page?

Profile page is critical its one page snapshot of your bio and showcasing your social page and work. We share profile page with brands who are interested to hire bloggers.

How do I edit my Profile Page?

You can edit your profile by visiting here

How do secure my contact details?

You can hide your contact details i.e. mobile number and address from your profile setting. We encourage user to hide their contact number.

I am not able to change my profile picture?

You can add your profile picture by visiting your profile page   . We encourage small size below 500 kb size pix

I am getting 404 error while visiting my profile page?

If you have created your account with space in your username than there will be problem. We have fix this issue now. You can email if issue still persist we are happy to help you

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