Gd afternoon beautiful people out there,
We all need mouistrize our skin weather we are from oily skin or dry skin. Bt In our hectic schedule we some time miss moisturizer, yes I sometime miss applying moisturizer specially Saturday & Sunday. Because  as I am a housewife too weekends are most busy for me, bt as I am from dry skin super dry skin actually I need mostrizer at any cost other wise my skin start acting weird like itchy etc.

So I need something which is multitasking. & My savior is
” AMATO COCOA MAGIC SOAP ” I totally in love with there products genuinely guys many soaps claim that they motorize or nourished but few do what the claim. Coca magic is really did magic on my skin. I can leave my skin without moisturizer only because of amato coca magic soap.

Clary sage
Olive oil
It comes in a printed butter paper with all the necessary details, & soap itself comes in a transparent airtight wrapped. Packaging is normal soap kinda packaging.

It claims:
Anti aging
Price / quantity:
130 INR / 75 gm
My experience:
I am totally in love with this soap, this soap have some particles on it which help to mild exfoliate. Lathers really well.& Fragrance of chocolate is just tempting. But the magic of soap you will notice after bath. Its moisturize skin like magic, skin feels much softer & it keep MOISTURIZE my skin for good 4 to 5 hours. & It works amazing on sunburn as well, few months back I got some sun-bun & I can’t get rid of it, but regular use of this soap is removing my sunburn. You can notice the difference by yourself once you start use this soap.i m pretty impress with this soap.
As a blogger is really tuff to stick one product. Bt now I know whenever I need to remove sunbun or have a hectic schedule where I can’t get a time for applying moisturizer, what I have to keep handy.
I will definitely keep in stock.

+ It moistrizes very well even for extreme dry skin
+ Suitable for all skin types
+ No chemical
+ 100% organi
+ 100% natural
+ Freshly manufacture
+ Remove sunbun
+. Fight anti aging
+ Impressive ingredients
+ Affordable
– They did not mention quantity & price or manufacture date in packaging, I think they should mention these things to packaging.

For order plz contact @amato on there instagram page or fb page.

9.7 Total Score

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