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My Experience with Active Ultra Sanitary Pads

Each pad comes in a disposable wrapper meant to trash the previous used pad which is tightly packed to reduce the thickness. Majority of the girls face the issue of carrying the pad from the workstation to the restroom when there is a need to change. Most of the time I unwrap the upper cover of the pad to fit it in my jeans pocket. But this sanitary pad solves the problem as it easily fits into my pocket.

Active Ultra Sanitary Pads by Saral Design are very thin and comfortable to use. It is one the thinnest pads I have used till now. Furthermore, it is very light weight and doesn’t bring the feeling of wearing anything extra. The pad sticks very well on the panty and doesn’t move in any case. Even with the hight end brands I face the the problem of stickiness and movement. Even it doesn’t have any fragrance or harmful chemicals. Most of the brands promote their product with a feature of fragrance to keep away unpleasant odor. But we the users must be aware of the fact that chemicals used for fragrances can cause serious health problems like cancer and can even lead to infertility. Therefore, we should never opt for sanitary pads with fragrances. Moreover, if we keep our lady part clean and change our pads timely we will never face the problem of bad odor.

Unfortunately, these pads are not suitable to use during sleep hours because of the length. Brand claims the product to be of XL size but they are regular in size which can lead to leakage from behind. It even sounds like a plastic while peeling if off from the wrapper but is fine once sticked to panty. The absorption is also very less as compared to other regular pads which makes it less suitable to use it on heavy flow days. But I will consider this as a positive if using at times when pad can be easily changed. I have come across a lot of women who don’t change the pad till it is completely drenched. But as per the doctors we must change the pad after every 4-5 hours. Therefore, low absorption will automatically lead to change of pad after few hours.

Overall the product is a budget friendly option to be used during day time from 3rd day of periods. I am very satisfied with the thickness of the pad. Saral design is coming up with few more variants in this product line to cater women from another tier.

As mentioned above this product is specially designed to target rural segment so I will request you to gift this product to a girl who cannot afford to use the sanitary pads. I have done it, do let me know below if u also did.

5.5 Total Score

  • No fragrance
  • Budget friendly
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Very thin and comfortable
  • Sticks very well onto panty line
  • Gives a plastic wrapper sound while pasting
  • Smaller in length compared to other XL pads
  • Absorption is litter slower on heavy flow days
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